Zydowsky aims to repeat ar “Everybody’s Golf Tourney”

Zydowsky aims to repeat ar “Everybody’s Golf Tourney”

Portage native Jake Zydowsky is 34-year-old Portage man with a learning disability. 

Jake has played golf with his father, Ed, since he was 12-years-old. Through the years, Jake has learned a lot from dad. 

“He teaches me good things about golf, how to react to shots, putting, and driving, and stuff.”

Over time, Ed says Jake’s golf game has improved drastically.

“Twenty years ago, I was better than he was, but he kept playing and playing.”

Ed’s not the only one that has had trouble beating his son on the golf course. Jake has developed into a Special Olympics state champion.

Last fall, father and son combined forces to play in a foursome at the ARC Dane County’s Everybody’s Golf Tourney. To Ed’s surprise, the Zydowskys, along with two others, won the tournament. 

“We got in, and by golly, we were in first!”

Jake and his dad will take part in 2015’s Everbody’s Golf Tourney on Friday at the Meadows in Waunakee.

While Jake has high hopes, win or lose, Ed is just happy to see his son enjoying life.

“We watch him smile almost every day, and he’s already accomplished what I would think would be a goal for my kids.”