Zoo welcomes new Emperor tamarins

Zoo welcomes new Emperor tamarins

Two Emperor tamarins are being welcomed as new primates at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison.

Paulie and Nacho came from the Como Zoo. They weigh less than a pound, and there are only 23 in captivity.

The tamarins will live in the aviary. Emperor tamarins are native to the rainforests of Brazil, Pery and Bolivia, and mainly eat fruits, insects and tree sap.

“This is just another addition to our wonderful zoo,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “We are thrilled to welcome these emperor tamarins to the Henry Vilas Zoo family.”

They grow up to be as long as 10 1/2 inches and weight less than a pound. They were named after Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, due to their prominent “mustaches.”

More animals are coming to the zoo this summer.