Zerban campaign wants 2 debates with Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan asked to debate competitor in race for Congress seat

Paul Ryan will debate Vice President Joe Biden next month, but the Democrat who’s challenging Ryan for his congressional seat is looking for his own chance to debate Ryan.

Ryan faces two elections this November. He’s the vice presidential running mate of Republican Mitt Romney, but he’s also running for his eighth straight congressional term.

His congressional challenger is Rob Zerban, a former Kenosha County board member who owns a catering company.

Zerban’s campaign says several groups have offered to sponsor a pair of debates.

Zerban’s campaign says it has accepted both invitations, and is concerned that Ryan’s campaign hasn’t responded to either.

Zerban campaign wants 2 debates with Paul Ryan

A message left with Ryan’s campaign was not immediately returned.

If Ryan wins both races, a special election would be held to fill the congressional seat.