YWCA Announces New Project To Help Stranded Women

The YWCA announced on Monday that it is rolling out a new project to help women who are without transportation.

Last year, the Women’s Transit Authority closed its doors leaving many at risk women without a ride.

The new project, called YW Transit, will offer rides day and night in conjunction with agencies like the Domestic Abuse Intervention Service and Mental Health Center of Dane County. The service will begin on April 1, WISC-TV reported.

Eileen Mershart, the CEO of YWCA Madison, said that the impetus for the project is to help those in need.

“We’re embarking on this transit program because of our belief that this is a critical service to help prevent sexual assaults and provide transportation assistance to vulnerable people in our community,” she said.

The YW Transit will be paid for by a partnership between the YWCA, the city of Madison, Dane County and the United Way.

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