Youth Club Gets Children Fit With Summer Day Camp

The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County held an all-day event Wednesday to teach children healthy eating and exercising habits.

The event was part of WISC-TV’s Time For Kids: Recipe For Health campaign that goes all year, focusing on helping families fight childhood obesity.

About 80 children participated in Healthy Kids Volunteer Day at the Boys and Girls Club on Taft Street. They learned how to fight diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

“You can prevent it by running and jumping and playing like you guys normally do, but also making really healthy choices with what you eat,” said Dr. Kari Hegeman, a Dean Clinic pediatrician.

“I think everyone should be healthy because that would stop a lot of diseases,” said James Blilie, 13.

The teen has good reason to stay healthy.

“I’m trying out for football and my mom’s helping me do a healthy eating program, so she’s going to have me eat a lot more healthy stuff. So instead of chicken for dinner, I get salad,” he said.

Experts said they hope this summer day camp will stay with area youth.

“I just feel like I have more energy at the end of the day,” said Blilie.

Wednesday’s event was part of the Boys and Girls Club Healthy Kids week, which also included dental clinics and cooking classes.

The summer day camp is a partnership between the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, Dean Clinic and WISC-TV.