Your Investment In Agenda For Change

Independents week celebrates locally owned, operated businesses





Our support for United Way of Dane County as one of the pillars of the civic infrastructure of our community is based on its vision and its accountability. For a number of years now that vision has been articulated in United Way of Dane County’s Agenda for Change, and accountability found in the manner in which United Way allocates your generous contributions to its work.

The 2012 campaign was the most successful ever, and this week the United Way Board announced investments totally 15 Million dollars in community impact strategies delivered by 117 nonprofits. Highlights include nearly five and a half Million dollars in education initiatives, especially early childhood programs, two-point-seven Million dollars addressing health issues including effects of trauma on school children and adverse drug events for senior citizens, and almost four million dollars for Housing First and increased personal safety programs.

That’s an agenda that’s responsive, efficient and effective. It’s responsible use of your money and you can be assured of that.