Young girl wins big in Doodle for Google competition

MADISON, Wis. — A young girl in Madison could soon have her art seen by millions after being chosen for Wisconsin in the Doodle for Google art competition.

Middle schooler Ocean Buetter entered the competition at the suggestion of her mother Sabrina Karl who realized how talented her daughter was.

“I didn’t have to talk her into it,” Karl said. “She thought it sounded cool and fun, you know low risk, anybody can enter.”

Low risk but in Buetter’s case it also turns out to be high reward surprising both mom and daughter.

Beating out thousands the young artist earned her place in the national competition after being chosen as the Wisconsin winner for the popular search engines 12th annual competition.

“It was really exciting but kind of unreal,” Buetter said. “I just really didn’t expect to win.”

This year’s competition prompt was ‘I show kindness by’ which for the 13-year-old was all about her love of animals and commitment to eating vegetarian.

“I have always liked animals and I have a pet snake and we have cats and stuff,” she said. “And so it kind of seemed weird that we would eat them.”

The girl’s parents both meat eaters said it’s a diet their daughter takes pretty seriously.

“She never waivers,” said mom. “I told her she could eat meat a couple times a year just for special meals but she’s like nope I’m sticking to it.”

Buetter’s doodle focused on the three animals most commonly used for meat in the U.S., a chicken, a pig, and a cow all being hugged by a young girl.

“I wanted to bring a more happy and positive outlook on their relationship with humans,” she said.

Should Buetter take first place at nationals she’ll be awarded a 30,000 dollar college scholarship and her art will be featured on Google’s homepage.

If you want to help bring Ocean one step closer to finals you can vote for her design online through Friday night.