‘You can’t cancel Halloween’: Costume sales are not slowing down despite the pandemic

MADISON, Wis. — Despite the pandemic and changing Halloween plans, costume sales have not slowed down this year, according to Halloween Express employees.

Eric Bero, manager of Halloween’s Express’ Madison West location, explained how he was unsure how the pandemic might affect business this year. He said many peoples plans for the holiday itself have changed, but their plans to wear costumes have not.

“I think it’s important to have something normal, at least for the kids,” Bero said. “It’s good fun that everyone can participate in.”

Many Madison kids still plan on wearing their costumes trick of treating, although with some Covid-friendly adjustments like adding a mask.

“It’s important that kids go out and have fun,” Halloween Express employee Kevin T. Luoma said. “Even in the midst of the pandemic there’s safer and smarter ways to do it.”

Halloween Express employees are urging all customers to wear a mask with their costume, although the CDC reminds you not to put a costume mask over a cloth mask because it could make it harder to breath.

“Dressing up can just make you feel better,” Luoma said. “You can’t cancel Halloween.”