You can have your pet poorly drawn as part of a Humane Society fundraiser

Bad Pet Photos
Wisconsin Humane Society Facebook

MADISON, Wis. — You love your pet, right?

Well, you’ll still love them when they’re poorly drawn. And hopefully you’ll laugh a bit.

That’s at least what the Wisconsin Humane Society is hoping as part of a digital campaign on a Facebook post this week.

UPDATE: 2/25 @ 6pm – Wow, you all are incredible! Our "talented" team of staff & volunteers worked all day on hundreds…

Posted by Wisconsin Humane Society on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Humane Society said it’s working on (most likely) poorly drawing pictures of your pets if you donate $15 to the animals at the society.

The Wisconsin Humane Society said it serves 40,000 animals each year and relies on donations to make that work possible.

And who knows, maybe you’ll get one of their “extremely talented artists?”