‘Yoda’s Cafe’ for a day? Local coffee shop goes all out for May the 4th

MADISON, Wis. — Star Wars fans are celebrating “May the 4th” today, and a local coffee shop is offering some out-of-this-world specials.

From “R2-Tea-2” to “Wookie Cookies,” Yola’s Cafe and Coffee Shop on Madison’s west side celebrated the holiday by offering a new menu. Employees at the coffee shop also dressed up like Star Wars characters to celebrate.

Owner Lisa Ratze says having a themed day helps bring in more customers who are curious about what’s going on.

“We do draw in people around the neighborhood that it just kinda perks their interest and makes things lively around here, and it’s fun to draw a different crowd in,” Ratze said.

Yola’s offers curbside take out along with indoor and outdoor dining.