Wray: Officer-involved shooting ‘unfortunate and tragic’

Wray: Officer-involved shooting ‘unfortunate and tragic’

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray says Saturday’s officer-involved shooting was “unfortunate and tragic,” but says the preliminary investigation shows the shooting was justified.

Three officers were involved in the shooting that killed Charles Carll of Madison last Saturday afternoon on Hammersley Road.

The three officers, Alex Bol, Adrian Alan, and Ed Marshall, have all been put on paid administrative leave while an investigation into shooting continues.

Wray released a statement Tuesday afternoon about the shooting.

“Our hearts go out to Mr. Carll’s family, and to others impacted by the loss of his life,” said Wray in the statement. “These incidents also have a significant impact on the involved officers and their families, and the department is providing support to them as the investigation continues.”

The statement said the Madison police department’s officer involved critical incident team is completing an investigation into the shooting. Wray said he expects they team will forward their information to district attorney Ismael Ozanne when they are done,

However, Wray expects the investigation to show the actions of the officers was justified.

“At this juncture, MPD’s preliminary investigation indicates that officers were justified in their actions,” said Wray in the statement. “However, it is early in the investigation and final conclusions have not yet been reached.”

Police said dispatchers sent officers to a domestic disturbance and told officers Carll was outside, suicidal, and still had the knife.

Police said they deployed a Taser on the suspect, which was not successful. Carll ignored the officers’ verbal commands and advanced towards the officers, prompting the shooting, according to police.

Officials said they learned later that the wife was not injured.