World Water Day inspires beer made from reused, treated water

World Water Day inspires beer made from reused, treated water

Wednesday is World Water Day, and the Madison area is celebrating the whole week. The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District kicked off the week with a taste testing of a unique kind of English Pale Ale Sunday.

The sewerage district is using treated waste water, called effluent, to make its own EPA. Treatment plants don’t normally clean water to the point that it’s drinkable, but in this case, the water is over-treated to make beer.

The sewerage district held a tasting event and showcased its mission to “respect every drop of water.”

“I think a lot of times we take water for granted, and this highlights how important water is to us,” Rick Eilertson, from Friends of Capital Springs Recreation Area, said. “Hopefully this will engender better practices on how we respect the water.”

“We’re trying to get people to realize what they put into the water has an impact, and we’re trying to minimize some of these pollutants that do go down the drain,” Ralph Erickson, of the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, said.

The Nine Springs Golf Course hosted the beer-tasting event. They also held tours of their property that uses a large pond for irrigation to keep the course green and healthy.

Dane County is hosting events all week long to celebrate unique ways to reuse water.