Worker petitions Thanksgiving hours at La Crosse mall

Mall extends hours on Thanksgiving
Worker petitions Thanksgiving hours at La Crosse mall
Sam Noel (pictured right) petitioning against shopping hours on Thanksgiving at Valley View Mall

Valley View Mall was planning to open at 8:00p.m. on Thanksgiving, but when Macy’s decided to open at 6 p.m., mall management decided to do the same for the whole mall.

Some shoppers are excited for those extra hours, but some workers are against it.

Hours before her shift began, Sam Noel stood outside Valley View Mall.

She is trying to gain support against the mall extending holiday hours. It’s a decision that will keep her away from her family.

“That was one of the days I got to see them and I don’t get that now,” Noel said.

She said her holiday plans ended when the mall added extra hours.

“The hours completely changed from everything we agreed on,” Noel said.

Valley View Mall declined to comment on the new hours. Some employees said the extra hours are good for business.

“Yeah, there are some people that say, ‘Hey you shouldn’t be open,’ and that’s okay that’s totally their opinion. But there are a ton of people who love the fact that we are open for their convenience,” Mike Hansen, the manager at Buckle, said.

Workers said it’s good for their pockets too.

“The company gave all the staff that is working Thanksgiving night all the way over to the overnight a great hourly bonus,” Hansen said.

Holiday shopper, Jason Cruz plans on spending Thanksgiving with his family but won’t let that keep him from a good deal.

“If we have the time afterwards, I’m sure if we’re not sleeping after turkey, yeah I am sure I would come down to the mall,” Cruz said.

With a little over 400, signatures Noel said she is not sure that’s enough, but she will continue to fight for the little family time she gets.

“There needs to be a work-life balance, and I think that’s starting to fade away unfortunately with Thanksgiving now being the shopping day, and I think that’s really sad,” Noel said.