Woman’s eyesight saved after nearly missing check-up

Woman’s eyesight saved after nearly missing check-up

Before you skip out on that routine doctor’s appointment in favor of fun or other obligations, consider how one Wisconsin woman nearly lost her eyesight after she considered cancelling hers.

Stephanie Klett also happens to be the state secretary of the Department of Tourism, which is a position that requires her to travel about 200 days a year. Because of that busy schedule, Klett considered cancelling a routine eye exam in her hometown of Beloit.

 “With this job, and I think anybody’s job, life can really get away from you,” she said. “Scheduling a doctor appointment, a dentist appointment, sometimes even a hair appointment, it gets really difficult with everyone that’s on our plate.”

Klett, however, did go to that appointment, where her eye doctor found tears in her retina. She was immediately sent to UW Health in Madison.

“I thought, ‘OK, we’ll make an appointment,’ and [my doctor] said, ‘No – right now. You could lose your eyesight.'”

Once at UW Health, Klett was immediately put into emergency laser surgery to repair the tears.

“We were essentially spot-welding around a tear to create an adhesion,” explained her doctor, UW Health Ophthalmologist Michael Altaweel.

Fast-forward three months and Klett is doing well, thanks to the care she received.

“Everything in my life is about what I see,” Klett said. “I market the beauty of the state of Wisconsin, and I couldn’t imagine for one second not being able to see it.”

She’s got a resolution for the rest of us to add to the list this New Year – don’t skip that annual appointment.

“Those yearly checkups aren’t a nuisance, they’re necessary. And they could save your sight,” she said.