Woman sideswipes police car conducting traffic stop

Police: 23-year-old continues driving half city block before vehicle stops
Woman sideswipes police car conducting traffic stop

A Madison woman faces charges after she allegedly sideswiped a police car on Williamson Street Saturday night, according to a release.

A Madison police officer was conducting a traffic stop in the right lane of inbound Williamson Street around 10 p.m., officials said. While the officer was sitting in the driver’s seat, Kirsti L. Walker, 23, sideswiped the driver’s side.

The impact caused damage to the rear axle of the squad car and disabled it, according to the release. Walker continued driving half a city block before her vehicle also became disabled from the crash.

Walker was eventually taken into custody, police said. She was administered a breath test, which reported a blood alcohol content of 0.20 percent.

No one was injured in the crash, officials said.

Walker was arrested on tentative charges of first-offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, failure to change lanes and slow down while passing a stopped emergency vehicle, and hit-and-run of an attended vehicle.