Woman severely burned in Argyle fire files for divorce

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The wife of a man accused of trying to kill her and the rest of their family in a fire has filed for divorce.

Sharon Wand was pregnant at the time of the fire and managed to rescue their 2-year-old daughter but suffered serious injuries that killed her unborn child. She filed for divorce from Armin Wand III this week.

Armin Wand and his brother, Jeremy Wand, face several homicide and arson charges in Lafayette County.

Prosecutors allege the brothers set Armin Wand’s Argyle home on fire Sept. 7 in an effort to kill Armin Wand’s family to collect on insurance money that didn’t exist.

Prosecutors say Jeremy Wand conspired with his brother on setting the fatal fire for the promise of $300.

Armin Wand’s three sons were killed in the fire.

In Lafayette County Circuit Court on Thursday, the court heard testimony on a motion to suppress statements that Armin Wand made after the fire.

Agents with the state Division of Criminal Investigation described their questioning of Armin Wand. They described Wand’s casual demeanor toward his younger brother, Jeremy, after Armin Wand accused Jeremy of starting the fatal fire.

“I think it’s kind of strange that you (Armin) come in that night of the fire, buddy-buddy with the guy that, you know, just murdered your family, and he just looked at me. I said, ‘Just think about that.’ And I left,” said Brad Montgomery, a DCI special agent.

Armin Wand’s trial is set to begin late next month. Jeremy Wand will be tried separately.