Woman shares what it’s like to have car stolen from garage

Victim of car theft shares her story

In the midst of what Madison Police has called an epidemic of car thefts, a woman shared her story after she became a victim.

Mili Castro said her car was stolen from her garage with her purse and all of her tools and supplies for work inside.

“My car just disappeared. My car is always in the garage,” Castro said. “My cards, my ID, everything all gone.”

Castro said she reported the stolen vehicle to police on Tuesday. The following day, Castro saw strangers driving her car on Madison’s west side and called police.

“I called the 911, but they said that they could not do nothing until I have to let them know the address where my car is and so they could go there,” Castro said.

Madison police said the department’s policy is not to chase stolen cars as a safety precaution for the community. You can read more about the department’s emergency vehicle operation guidelines here. 

Castro said she continued to see her car around Madison and told police she had gas station had surveillance video of the people driving her car.

“I was so frustrated because I saw my car,” Castro said.

Police found her car on Saturday.

The Madison Police Department said it works hard to find and return vehicles to their owners. You can read more about the department’s policy on stolen vehicles here.