Woman helps homeless despite own setback

Woman helps homeless despite own setback

After a home next door exploded, a Fitchburg mom is proving that no matter what you might go through you can still take time to help others.

Patrisia Plata was at home with her sons when she heard the boom.

“My kids and I were screaming like crazy,” she said.

Last August, her home was severely damaged after her neighbor’s home exploded. The explosion was allegedly caused by a gas leak. Plata and her sons were displaced for months. Despite being out of her home, Plata still made a point of cooking meals and serving them to the homeless every Sunday on State Street.

“They are like family for us,” Plata said of the homeless.

In three years she’s volunteered, she’s never missed a single weekend and she wasn’t going to let the explosion change that.

“No matter what,” she said.

She said her reason behind doing it, is simple.

“It makes me happy,” she said.

Proof that if you want to help yourself maybe the best thing you can do is help someone else.

Plata and her sons moved back into their Fitchburg home last week. She doesn’t want to take any personal donations, but would appreciate donations to help feed the homeless. If you want to help call (608) 213-3580.