Woman finishes 25th radiation treatment, welcomed home to heartwarming message

She said the experience was "priceless"
Welcome Home

BARABOO, Wis. — Christina Biber has missed a lot of the chaos in the world that’s stemmed from COVID-19. However, she’s been dealing with her own medical situation at UW Health in Madison.

“Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been going through chemo and radiation treatments at UW Health in Madison,” Biber said.

On Monday, Biber said she finished her 25th radiation treatment. Upon returning home, she saw that her friends had decorated her garage with balloons and a colorful poster welcoming her back.

“Our friend is an ER nurse at SSM in Baraboo and on the front lines, but took the time to think of me!” Biber said.

Amidst everything happening in her own life and in the world, she said coming home to this was, “Priceless!”