Woman chalks messages of hope at St. Louis parks

Chalk Messages
Photo provided by CNN.

To raise spirits during the pandemic, Jurni Bayoc began writing messages of hope in parks across St. Louis. She started in April and has already written close to 70 messages.

“I needed something to get out of the house to do that didn’t involve going places so I was like, ‘okay I’ll just go out and chalk,'” said Bayoc.

Since April, she’s gone through about 50 boxes of chalk. She said she wants to make people happy.

“When I got here my mental health was a little rocky. So just hearing the positive messages or reinforcing them again, it made me feel really good and I just wanted to make sure people feel really good,” said Bayoc.

Her Instagram page, @ChalkInTheLou, already has nearly 1,000 followers.

Bayoc’s chalk messages feature phrases like ‘you’re exceptional’ and ‘put time aside for yourself daily.’

“I just want people to know that you are still powerful, you’re doing great,” said Bayoc.

Bayoc said chalking has also provided a way for her to escape and take a break from everything.

“This pandemic and the feelings of aloneness is temporary. Just knowing, reinforcing that you are powerful is just … it can touch people,” said Bayoc.

Bayoc hopes to continue writing chalk messages for as long as she can.