Woman arrested following cellphone theft at West Towne Mall, 3 men involved in theft still on the loose

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MADISON, Wis. — Two people were hospitalized Saturday night after suffering injuries while trying to stop four thieves who stole multiple phones from a cellphone kiosk at West Towne Mall.

According to an incident report from the Madison Police Department, three men and a woman used a cutting tool to steal four phones, worth more than $4,500, from the U.S. Cellular kiosk at the mall around 7:45 p.m. Saturday.

When an employee reportedly chased after the thieves, one of the men hit the employee in the face. The victim went to a local hospital to get stitches for his injury.

A mall security guard managed to track the phones to a rented SUV that was parked in the mall parking lot. Police said the SUV was unlocked, unoccupied and still running. The phones were inside the vehicle.

As the security guard tried to turn off the SUV, one of the men involved in the theft jumped in the driver’s seat as the woman jumped into the passenger’s seat. Police said the security guard was still partially in the vehicle when the man in the driver’s seat began to accelerate. The security guard was dragged a short distance before the SUV crashed into two parked cars.

The security guard reportedly hit his head on a windshield in the process. He went to a local hospital for his injuries.

The driver of the SUV ran off as the woman stayed in the SUV. Police subsequently arrested the woman, 21-year-old Antoinette Martin of Chicago, on suspicion of retail theft and party to the crime of receiving stolen property.

The woman told police she and the driver came to Madison from Chicago.

Police said they recovered three of the four stolen phones.

The three men involved in the theft are still at large.