Woman accused of dunking toddler’s feet in boiling water

2-year-old boy gets 2nd-degree burns in potty-training punishment, police say
Woman accused of dunking toddler’s feet in boiling water

Police said a Racine woman punished a toddler over potty training by dunking his feet in a bucket of scalding water. The 2-year-old boy suffered blistering burns, according to the report.

The Journal Times of Racine said that 22-year-old Myrna Staten was charged Friday with physical abuse of a child.

According to the criminal complaint, the boy’s socks were sticking to his skin, causing blisters on his feet to pop when medical staffers removed the socks.

Prosecutors said the boy had second-degree burns on both feet.

Staten gave investigators two explanations for the injuries before eventually acknowledging placing the boy’s feet in hot water as punishment for soiling himself, prosecutors said. She expressed frustration over the difficulty in toilet-training him and said he was a “very difficult child.”

A message left with her attorney Saturday wasn’t immediately returned.

The report did not indicate the woman’s relationship with the child.