Without changes, Johnson still a no vote on tax reform measure in Congress

Senator says he'll vote against bill in committee

Sen. Ron Johnson says he still intends to vote against a tax reform measure in Congress unless changes are made.

Johnson spoke with Wisconsin reporters Monday afternoon and continued to express concerns about a disparity between how large and small corporations are treated under the Republican-sponsored tax reform bill.

“We have to maintain a competitive balance and position of all American businesses both foreign and domestic,” Johnson said.

Johnson is set to vote in the Senate Budget Committee Tuesday on the measure.

News 3 asked whether he intended to vote against the plan in committee, or let the measure proceed to the floor.

“We are working diligently to fix the problems,” Johnson said. “If we develop a fix prior to committee, I will vote yes. If not, I will vote no.”

He also told reporters that President Donald Trump has assured them there will be changes.

“The President said ‘Ron, you’re right, we’re going to fix this,'” Johnson said.

Johnson was the first GOP member of Congress to come out against the tax plan earlier this month.