With minor league baseball preparing to eliminate 40+ teams – are the Beloit Snappers safe?

Over the last several weeks, Major League Baseball has revealed plans to eliminate more than 40 minor league teams.

The move, part of a consolidation effort for the league, is targeting minor league teams with substandard facilities. According to a list of teams that could possibly lose their affiliation, the Beloit Snappers aren’t completely in the clear.

In September, it was announced the team would be sold to a group led by entrepreneur Quint Studer. As a part of the sale, Studer’s team will partner with Hendricks Commercial Properties to finance a new stadium – set to open in 2021.

“It’s full throttle ahead,” said John Gackstetter of Hendricks Commercial Properties. “No one is slowing down. We are all working hard to meet these deadlines.”

Should an issue arise with the sale of the team or the building of the new ballpark, the Snappers could face losing their Major League affiliation. Gackstetter said he’s confident this won’t happen.

“We wouldn’t proceed down this path if we weren’t confident,” he said. “Both parties have a lot of confidence invested in the minor league, confidence vested in the parties involved, and confidence in the community.”

Studer is expected to take ownership of the team when the sale is finalized during baseball’s winter meetings in December. Gackstetter said while plans can’t progress until that happens, preparation has begun in the background.

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