Wisconsin’s oldest gaming store searching for new owners

Pegasus Games first opened in 1980
Wisconsin’s oldest gaming store searching for new owners

After nearly 40 years in business, Pegasus Games—the oldest, surviving hobby gaming store in Wisconsin—is searching for a new owner to step in and take over.

According to a Facebook post, the owners, Terry Aitken, Mark Anderson and Lory Aitken, are in their 60s and are starting to think about retiring.

Pegasus Games first opened on Aug. 30, 1980, in a converted house on just off State Street in downtown Madison. It ultimately moved directly on State Street and remained downtown for 22 years. During that time, a second location opened on Madison’s west side in 1991.

While the downtown location closed in 2002, the west side location has remained open and thriving.

The post says the owners are hoping to hand over the business to someone from “a more tech-savvy generation.”

Pegasus Games does not only sell games at its location, but it also provides a space where people can play games and hang out.

“We have embraced the role of teaching games to anyone we could and welcomed all ages in our playground,” the post says. “We have a terrific community of gamers of all types of games, many of whom are the volunteers that make our in-store games so accessible and successful.”

The owners are hoping to find someone who has a commitment and a passion to gaming and providing the products for the community.

“We will be as open about the process as we can and look forward to making a happy big announcement,” the post says. “We eagerly anticipate seeing what the next decades have in store for our wonderful Pegasus community.”