Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s Talking Spirits Cemetery Tour returns

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is preparing for spooky season with its 24th-annual Talking Spirits Cemetery Tour.

This year’s tour, titled “Henceforth and Forever Free,” highlights the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation on five former slaves who came to Madison after their enslavement ended.

One of the five, John Jefferson, was the grandchild of President Thomas Jefferson and the former president’s enslaved servant Sally Hemmings.

“It’s just a way to interact with our audience and show them we’re not just walking around and talking about this headstone or that headstone or who’s buried here or who’s buried there, we’re actually bringing a living person in to talk about what was happening in their lives at this time, how these affected their lives and how to move forward with this knowledge,” said Erik Wright, an education specialist at the museum.

The tours will be held Oct. 8-9 at Forest Hill Cemetery. Click here for more information.

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