Wisconsin Supreme Court justice wears blaze orange for flier

Bradley raises nearly $480,000 in state Supreme Court race
Rebecca Bradley

A report says Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley made an apparent appeal to hunters when she appeared in a mailer before the February primary wearing blaze orange and holding a shotgun.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Bradley does not have a hunting license. The photograph was taken in November at a Waukesha game farm where hunting licenses are not required.

Campaign manager Luke Martz says it was Bradley’s first time hunting, and she did not hit a pheasant.

The flier does not mention hunting or gun rights but shows Bradley wearing a cap with the initials of the National Rifle Association. Executive director Scott Ross of One Wisconsin Now criticized Bradley for “giving a literal `hat tip’ to the gun lobby.”

Bradley and state Appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg face off in the April 5 election.