Wisconsin students join together to get out the youth vote on Vote Early Day

MADISON, Wis. — Hundreds of Wisconsin students came together virtually on Saturday to get out the youth vote as a part of WISPIRG’s Phone-a-thon for Vote Early Day.

The event was part of a national effort by the student-run group to encourage their peers to vote. The group’s mission is to increase civic engagement on college campuses and among youth all over the country.

“Were the largest potential voting block in the country and its incredibly important that politicians and pundits say attention to us,” Noah Lewine, WISPIRG UW-Madison campus organizer, said. “We have the potential to vastly change and shape the nature of the political discourse in the country.”

Organizers say that young people are energetic about voting and they aim to help them turn their excitement into action.

“I think its really powerful that there are so many young people who are interested in voting this year, who are interested in getting their peers to vote,” WISPIRG intern Samantha Sheanin said. “It definitely makes me feel more connected to the generation in general.”

WISPIRG plans to host text and phone banks every day until the election that volunteers are welcome to participate in.