Wisconsin state senator says he was attacked by protesters

MADISON, Wis. — A state senator said he was attacked by protesters overnight in Madison while trying to take a picture of the group.

Sen. Tim Carpenter, tweeted he was “punched and kicked in the head.”  He also said he might have a concussion and that his neck and ribs were sore.

Carpenter, a Democrat from Milwaukee, said he pulled out his phone to capture the demonstrations while walking to the State Capitol around midnight on Tuesday. When a group of people noticed, three of them reportedly rushed toward him and knocked his phone out of his hand. According to the Madison Police Department, someone then sucker punched him.

Carpenter fell to the ground and was subsequently beat by several people, police said.

A nearby member of the press who reportedly witnessed the assault told officers that ten people punched and kicked Carpenter while he was on the ground.

As the beating stopped, Carpenter talked to his attackers and told him who we was before asking for his phone and glasses back.

The report states that someone who identified herself as a nurse came to Carpenter’s aid. According to the report, Carpenter was feeling “lightheaded, stunned and dazed” as he made his way toward the Capitol where he laid down on the grass.

Capitol police escorted him inside the building and called for medical help. Paramedics treated Carpenter but he initially declined to be taken to a hospital. Later, Carpenter made his way to a local hospital for treatment, citing pain in his neck, arms, ribs and head.

The Madison Police Department is working to identify Carpenter’s attackers, the report said.