Wisconsin Republicans immediately end special session on education funding with no action

Wisconsin State Capitol Dome
Logan Rude for WISC-TV/Channel3000.com

MADISON, Wis. — For at least the fifth time during the Evers administration, Republicans who control the state legislature immediately gaveled out of a special session called by the governor without taking any action Tuesday afternoon.

Gov. Tony Evers called for the special session to increase the state’s K-12 funding by $440 million and higher education funding by $110 million.

Evers argued if Republicans could come back to Madison for their own extraordinary session to attempt to override his veto to block a bill that would have ended extra federal unemployment benefits, they could also meet to increase education funding.

Both sides called the opposing special session held on Tuesday a political stunt. In the end, neither session accomplished anything — Republicans did not have the votes needed to override the governor’s veto, and the governor’s session ended with no action by Republicans.

Both the Assembly and the Senate technically met requirements for holding the special session but held the meetings in the corner of their respective chambers with little warning.

Gov. Evers criticized Republican leadership for holding no debate on the subject, while Republicans argued the matter of education funding was settled when Evers signed the new state budget into law earlier this month.

The immediate gaveling out followed the same pattern as other special sessions called by Gov. Evers on issues like gun control, police reform, unemployment and Medicaid expansion.