Wisconsin Republicans ask Democrats not to introduce bills allowing late-term abortions

Democrats not saying whether they will
Wisconsin Republicans ask Democrats not to introduce bills allowing late-term abortions

Republican lawmakers in the state Assembly are denouncing proposals in other states that would allow late-term abortions, while their Democratic colleagues are pushing for expanded access to reproductive health services.

“We have a reason to be concerned in Wisconsin because there is obviously, all across the nation, a nationwide attack on the unborn, and I am here to say that along with my colleagues, we are not going to allow that to happen in Wisconsin,” Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said.

Assembly Republicans began a news conference Wednesday by presenting a video showing a Virginia bill that would allow abortions minutes before a woman delivered. Vos specifically asked Democrats not to introduce similar legislation in Wisconsin.

“We would ask our colleagues to not put this body through the same kind of tribulations that we saw in Virginia — wouldn’t be worth our time and we certainly hope our colleagues will respect the fact that that bill’s not going to move,” Vos said.

“It’s not an abortion; it’s murder,” says @RepCindiDuchow, referring to laws allowing late-term abortions. #news3now pic.twitter.com/nbmUWuh1Hh

— Rose Schmidt (@RoseSchmidtTV) February 6, 2019

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ office released a statement Wednesday in response to the news conference.

“If Republican politicians actually want to help improve health outcomes for moms and babies, they should join Gov. Evers in supporting life-saving preventive health programs that keep Wisconsin women healthy,” said Evers’ spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff.

In 2017, Democratic Rep. Chris Taylor and other lawmakers introduced Assembly Bill 656 which would allow a woman to obtain an abortion before viability. It would also allow a woman to obtain an abortion at any time if a doctor deemed it necessary to protect her life or health.

Democrats are not saying whether they will heed Republicans’ request or if they will, instead, introduce similar legislation this year.

“At this point, bills are still being proposed for the session. What I would say is that it’s really important that we protect the lives and health of women and families in our state,” said Rep. Lisa Subeck.

So, now @realDonaldTrump wants to build a wall around our uteruses to keep our physicians out? #SOTU

— Lisa Subeck (@LisaSubeck) February 6, 2019

Subeck said she and Sen. Fred Risser introduced pass legislation that would overturn Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban. She also if Republicans wanted to reduce abortions, they would support efforts to prevent unintended pregnancies, such as a sexual education law and expanding access to birth control.

Subeck added that women who have an abortion late in their pregnancy usually have a reason to do so.

“Women do not seek abortions late in pregnancy simply because they don’t want to be pregnant. These are women who have wanted pregnancies that aren’t tenable or aren’t viable, or that put their lives in direct danger,” Subeck said.

Vos also said he is hoping to work with Evers on increasing resources for families hoping to adopt. Vos said he and Evers planned to meet on Wednesday and he was hoping to discuss his ideas. Evers’ office confirmed he was meeting with Vos but did not comment on specifics of the meeting.

.@SpeakerVos says Republicans are hoping to work with @GovEvers on increasing resources to give families opportunities to adopt. Vos says he’s meeting with the governor today.

He’s also asking Democrats not to introduce bills that would allow late-term abortions. #news3now

— Rose Schmidt (@RoseSchmidtTV) February 6, 2019

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