Wisconsin officials warn of Hurricane Dorian disaster relief scams

The Better Business Bureau and BBB Wise Giving Alliance are warning interested donors to disaster relief organizations to watch for experienced organizations with clear messaging about what activities their fund support.

“As Dorian is predicted to be a devastating storm,” said Art Taylor, president and CEO of BBB’s Give.org. “most of us will be motivated to provide immediate help. Donations to experienced disaster relief efforts are the best option to achieve that goal.”

A release said in previous disasters, there have been crowdfunding posts from individuals claiming to raise funds so they can deliver and distribute water, food and flashlights to impacted areas. The BBB said even if they are severe, the efforts can complicated access by professional efforts and divert donations that can be used in better ways.

There are also price-gougers and storm chasers looking to make money off preparation and cleanup efforts.

When it comes to donating, BBB suggests verifying the trustworthiness of organizations by visiting give.org. They also said to check for an on-the-ground presence in impacted areas and find out if the charity is providing direct aid or raising money for other groups. They also said to be cautious of gifts because they may not be the quickest way to help.

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