Wisconsin Legends Golf Outing

Alums hit University Ridge
Wisconsin Legends Golf Outing

The Wisconsin Legends Golf Outing took place at University Ridge Monday. Alums from football, basketball, hockey and more were on hand to catch up with former teammates and enjoy some golf. 

Young alumni, like Beau Allen, got a kick out of being called a “legend.”

“Didn’t really take too much work to become a legend,” said the NFL rookie. 

For older alumni, like Casey Rabach, the event serves as a reminder of how fast time flies. 

“Last night I looked around, and I’m the old guy,” said the 37-year old.

For young guys starting their professional careers, the event was a chance to get advice from guys who were once embarking on a similar journey. 

Jared Abbrederis appreciates the opportunity to learn from his elders.

“It’s just kind of nice to ask about the whole process.”

For Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick, the event is a reminder of the Wisconsin Athletics fraternity. 

“The city of Madison and the University of Wisconsin are things you never forget. They’ve really left a lasting mark and what’s why you see guys that have been out 10, 12, 15 years coming back, because everyone has that passion for the game and that passion for the University of Wisconsin.”