‘Absolute banana republic crap’: Wisconsin lawmakers react to U.S. Capitol mob; Rep. Moore calls to invoke 25th Amendment

MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee-area U.S. Representative Gwen Moore is calling for the 25th amendment to be invoked on President Trump, an amendment relating to presidential succession on the basis of death or the inability to fulfill the duties of the office.

“Trump has incited this chaos & violence,” she said in a tweet. “The 25th amendment must be invoked. If not, Congress must impeach & convict Trump. 13 days is far too long for Trump to remain in office.”

In social media messages, videos and network interviews, Wisconsin lawmakers are calling for calm as D.C. protestors breached the secured U.S. Capitol building, prompting a lockdown and a recess on a joint session of Congress for the Constitutionally-required electoral count. Lawmakers now plan to return to Congress to finish the vote after Capitol police secured the building after four hours of violent protestors occupying the secure government facility.

In an interview with News 3 Now, Democrat U.S. Representative Ron Kind said the president has “doubled down” on fraudulent election allegations in the past two months.

“We’re going to finish this,” he said. “As soon as we’re allowed to get back in and get this started now, we’re going to work until this is done.”

Democrat Representative Mark Pocan said he was safe in his office working on prepared remarks, and promised updates throughout the day. In an interview with News 3 Now, he said the situation was extremely unusual, and called it a “historically bad” event.

“We were simply approving the electors from across the country in a constitutional process,” he said. “We’ve got an attempted coup out there with thousands of people outside the U.S. Capitol.”

“Donald Trump at a rally today basically told his supporters to storm the Capitol today. And guess what, his supporters sheepishly, blindly followed what he said and have now broken into the U.S. Capitol building,” Rep. Pocan said in a video posted to Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher told Jake Tapper on CNN that “We need [Pres. Trump] to call this off,”, asking him to get on Twitter and send his supporters home. In a video posted to his twitter account, he said he was sheltering in place in his office due to protestors storming the U.S. Capitol and clashing with police.

“We are witnessing absolute banana republic crap in the United States Capitol right now,” he tweeted. “@realdonaldtrump, you need to call this off.”

Milwaukee-area Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore tweeted saying she was safe and sheltered, but called the moment “incredibly disturbing” and shameful for the country.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson joined in the calls for peace Wednesday afternoon, despite his expressed intentions to block Biden’s electoral victory in several states. Earlier on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that both Sen. Johnson and Rep. Tom Tiffany planned to object on Wednesday; Rep. Gallagher said he would not and had urged other Republicans to join him. Republican Rep. Steil, Rep. Grothman, and Rep. Fitzgerald did not respond to the AP on what their plans were.

Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin tweeted that she was safe, but that “It’s disgraceful that our country has to experience this violence because of Trump’s lies, conspiracies and un-American attacks on our Democracy.”

Rep. Tiffany, who also expressed earlier intentions to block electoral results in some states, tweeted calling violence “unacceptable”.

Republican U.S. Bryan Steil issued his own statement late Wednesday afternoon, condemning what he called “the reprehensible actions of criminals inside the United States Capitol today,” and saying anyone who wasn’t authorized to be in the Capitol needed to leave immediately.

News 3 Now is reaching out to other Wisconsin lawmakers; this coverage will be updated.