Wisconsin GOP leader defends keeping election records secret


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Tuesday defended not releasing documents related to an ongoing investigation he ordered into the 2020 election, saying putting them out now would be like police revealing details of a murder probe.

Vos also said he thought the 2020 election was “tainted” but that President Joe Biden won.

A judge earlier this month ordered Vos to release records requested by a liberal group under the state’s open records law. The group, American Oversight, filed a second lawsuit on Tuesday seeking records solely in Vos’s possession. The judge who ordered Vos to release the requested records scheduled a Nov. 5 hearing on the initial lawsuit.

Vos, in an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, said turning over records now would be like an investigator looking into a murder putting out what he knows before his work is done.

“They do not put out for public display, for everyone to read, who they’re talking to and who they’re investigating, giving an advantage to people who actually committed the crime to avoid prosecution,” Vos said. “That’s exactly what would happen if we decided to put all the documents out and that’s why liberals are asking for them. They want to try to torpedo our investigation.”