Wisconsin gets a D grade for social distancing, down from a B+ two months ago

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MADISON, Wis. — An online location data company is handing out grades to states on their handling of social distance, and Wisconsin isn’t doing too hot.


Unacast released its latest report on states, giving Wisconsin an average of a D grade. The grade comes from GPS location data used to measure how much less folks are moving around during the pandemic. Unacast notes Wisconsin has reduced its average distance traveled by 25 to 40 percent. The state also has less than a 55 percent reduction in non-essential visits.

Dane Co

The website also breaks down the data by county. Dane County has a C grade, in part because people continue to meet in groups out in public.

Rock County received an F, according to the website. Unacast points to a failure to cancel non-essential trips and other travel, along with group events.

The grades reveal a downward trend since March 25, when Wisconsin had a B+ as a whole, Dane County had an A and Rock County had a C.Rock Co

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