Wisconsin Election Commission prepares for possibility of April election, awaits Supreme Court decision

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more than 1.2 million Wisconsin voters had requested absentee ballots as of April 3, 2020, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The last time a presidential primary was held in Wisconsin in 2016, about 249,000 absentee ballots were issued. Gov. Tony Evers is pushing for a primarily mail-in election with a deadline to receive absentee ballots by May 26.

MADISON, Wis.– The Wisconsin Elections Commission announced they will continue to prepare for in-person voting, following an executive order to delay Tuesday’s election.

Gov. Tony Evers postponed the election Tuesday, but possible litigation could quickly reverse that decision.

Evers issued an executive order delaying in-person voting for the April 7 election until June 9.

Clerks have been notified of the order and were told to continue to their planning for an election on Tuesday. County clerks were told to continue to work with the National Guard, according to the Wisconsin Election Commission.

Voters should check with the Wisconsin Election Commission or myvote.wi.gov for updates.

The Wisconsin Election Commission said the predicament for three different courts to be discussing Wisconsin’s election is unprecedented.