Wisconsin DNR sets wolf hunting quota for November

Wolf hunt
Dawn Villella

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin wildlife officials are limiting the statewide quota for an upcoming wolf hunt at 130.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources made the announcement Monday afternoon, deciding on a drastically lower number compared to the 300-wolf quota the DNR board approved in August.

The department itself has the power to make the final decision, though, and settled on 130 after hunters blew past a quota of 119 wolves earlier this year by killing 218 wolves in just four days in February.

Paul Collins, Wisconsin State Director for Animal Wellness Action, issued the following statement in response to the quota:

“Wisconsin’s wildlife management plans are broken and scientifically unjustifiable. The Natural Resources Board set a reckless February hunt and then a destructive November hunt. The DNR’s lower quota is not as extreme as the DNR’s plan, but this kill level cannot be justified either. Michigan and Minnesota are not allowing any hunting or trapping in 2021, and that is what Wisconsin should have done after a politically driven federal delisting action less than a year ago. Wisconsin’s NRB and DNR already enabled the killing of 218 wolves, and that’s 218 more than our neighboring Great Lakes states. The courts should shut down any more wolf killing this year and restore federal protections for wolves.”

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The February hunting season came about after a hunter advocacy group won a court order to force it. The DNR is required by state law to hold a season in November.

DNR officials have said they want to take a conservative approach to the November hunt, due to the number of wolves killed in February.