Wisconsin DMV warning people about text message scam

MADISON, Wis. — Scammers are trying to impersonate the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles in a text message scheme, the Department of Transportation said Thursday.

In a Facebook post, the DOT said they have noticed an increase in text message phishing attempts, sending people messages claiming they are entitled to fee refunds with a link to claim the money. Once people click the link, they are taken to a web page asking for personal information.

The DOT is warning people not to click that link or reply to the text message, adding that any legitimate DOT or DMV website would end in “.gov.”

The DOT also reported a similar scam earlier this year in February that also attempted to collect credit card and social security numbers from unsuspecting people.

If people want to receive legitimate alerts about their registration with the DMV, they can sign up for the eNotify system online at the DMV’s website. The DOT says eNotify will provide confirmation of any legitimate transactions and alert users of any fraudulent activities.

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