Wisconsin Democrats decry Trump transfer of power statements as undermining democracy, Johnson sees no issue

MADISON, Wis. — Democrats are worried about what President Donald Trump said, or wouldn’t say, during a press briefing with reporters on Wednesday.

When asked if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power, Trump went after ballots.

“We want to get rid of the ballots, and there won’t be a transfer frankly,” he said. “There will be a continuation. The ballots are out of control, you know it, and you know who knows it better than anybody else – the Democrats know it better than anybody else.”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, said this is part of a pattern.

“During his time in office, President Trump has repeatedly worked to undermine the processes that are fundamental to our democracy,” she said. “This November, Americans must stand up for our values, for free and fair elections, and vote to protect our democracy.”

Sen. Ron Johnson viewed the comments differently.

“I did not interpret the president’s comments that he is not going to agree with a peaceful transition of power if he loses,” Johnson said. “He just doesn’t expect to lose.”

News 3 Now reached out to state leaders on this too, but the majority leader in the Senate, the speaker of the Assembly and the president of the Senate all did not respond to our request for their response.

The Democratic leader in the Senate said this peaceful transfer is part of the oath Trump took.

“It is not something that’s up for discussion,” said Sen. Janet Bewley, D-Mason. “It is not something the president gets to choose to do.”

On Thursday Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said he will accept the results.

“The president will accept the results of a free and fair election,” she said. “He will accept the will of the American people.”