Wisconsin Dells halts relaunch of thrill ride previously shut down for safety concerns

Site plan denied by plan commission

A proposal to build a small amusement park on a parcel of land at the intersection of State Highway 13 and U.S. Highway 12 has been put on hold by the Wisconsin Dells Plan Commission.

The small, triangular piece of land is sandwiched between some bluffs, a Culver’s and Taco Bell restaurants, and a Travel Mart/Dunkin’ Donuts.

“We want to see more attractions. We want to see things that are going to bring more people here. We love the exciting rides that we have here, but there is a place for those,” said Brian Landers, mayor of the City of Wisconsin Dells.

The project developer planned to place the Catapult thrill ride on the property. It is the same ride that was shut down and removed from Mt. Olympus in 2015 after a cable snapped while riders were on it.

While the city has concerns about the safety of the Catapult, it also has questions about noise, traffic congestion and safety issues the amusement park might create.

Because of those concerns, the planning commission denied the site plan for the project and tabled a conditional use permit.

The city believes the developer will return at a later date and seek approval for the project.

“I feel so strongly about it that, unless there’s some significant alteration or ideas, I will use my veto power against this project. I’ve had a lot of business owners reach out to me. I just had one speak to me earlier today who described it as a circus,” Landers said.

News 3 attempted to contact both the land owner and the amusement park ride owner seeking comment on the project, but as of Wednesday night has not been able to speak with either.