Wisconsin Dells family seeks help after fire destroys home

Electrical fire destroyed home Saturday
Wisconsin Dells family seeks help after fire destroys home

A family has nowhere to go after a fire destroyed the Wisconsin Dells house the pair had renovated into their dream home.

A fire tore apart the house Saturday, destroying everything inside.

Days later, Ron and Thea Ray are talking about the ordeal and asking for help from the community so they can rebuild.

Ron Ray has been commuting to Milwaukee for odd jobs, and he sold his prized guitars to make more money to start rebuilding. But he said it isn’t enough given the level of destruction.

The house once full of new cabinets, carpet, furniture and fans has instead been reduced to rubble.

“That’s where it (the fire) started, right here on this outlet,” said Ray, pointing to an outlet in the master bedroom.

Fire officials confirmed the fire’s cause was electrical.

Wisconsin Dells family seeks help after fire destroys home

In minutes, fire consumed the house Ray had turned into a home off Gale Drive, just off Highway 13 in Wisconsin Dells.

“I spent a lot of money and labor into the house and it’s heartbreaking,” he said.

His wife, Thea, was there when it started.

“I grabbed the fire extinguishers, kicked open the door and it was engulfed in flames,” said Thea.

Thea Ray said she was able to leave safely with the couple’s teenage daughter and four pets, but wasn’t able to save much else.

“Everything is gone. Everything,” said Thea Ray.

The family said it’s only asking for a trailer to put on the piece of property and hook up power to start rebuilding the place left to Thea Ray by her late parents.

“This has been our dream home and we wanted to retire here,” Ray said.

Depending on the kindness of strangers, they said that dream will become reality when the old house is new once again.

For people who want to help, the family said it’s accepting donations under the “Ray Family Disaster Fund” at the Bank of Wisconsin Dells.