Wisconsin Dells chapel prepares for ruling on same-sex marriage

Owners work with florists, bakers, minister to be ready for surge of ceremonies
Wisconsin Dells chapel prepares for ruling on same-sex marriage
Dells Bells

A Wisconsin Dells business is preparing for a ruling that might overturn Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Eight gay couples are challenging Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriages. A federal judge reviewing the case could make a ruling any day now. And according to the most recent poll conducted by the Marquette Law School, 55 percent of Wisconsin voters favor allowing same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in 19 states plus the District of Columbia.

Seven additional states have had their bans ruled unconstitutional, but are appealing the rulings.

With a rush of rulings striking down marriage limits across the country, many think Wisconsin will be the next state to legalize gay marriage.

The Wisconsin Dells wedding chapel Dells Bells is already preparing for the possible legalization.

Dells Bells owners are expecting a surge of same-sex marriage ceremonies if the judge approves the measure, and they are working with florists, bakers and an additional minister to be ready.

“They’re eager to do it, so there is that, and then there is the fear of it not sticking. So those people will try to get in there and get marriage licenses and get it done as quickly as possible,” Dells Bells owner Tara Joles said.

The chapel has been open for nearly a decade, and during that time its ministers have performed more than 100 commitment ceremonies.

Dells Bells owners said they will issue free marriage licenses to those couples if gay marriage is legalized in the state.