Wisconsin brew pubs kick off campaign to educate voters about gerrymandering

Delta Beer Lab will host an event Sunday.
seven glasses of beer
Courtesy of Delta Beer Lab

Six Wisconsin breweries are kicking off “Fair Maps Beer Week,” a campaign effort to educate voters about gerrymandering.

The Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition will be collaborating with the brewpubs through multiple outdoor events, according to a release. On Saturday, Captain Pabst Pilot House in Milwaukee, McFleshman’s Brewing Co. in Appleton, Brewery Nonic in Menomonie, Zymurgy Brewing Co. in Menomonie and Hop & Barrel Brewing in Hudson will be hosting events. On Sunday, Delta Beer Lab in Madison will be hosting a kick-off event.

“Democracy requires representative government,” Tim Piotrowski, owner of Delta Beer Lab, says. “When elected officials choose their constituents — not allowing the constituents to choose their representatives — democracy suffers innumerable harms, and citizens lose faith in the system.”

All of the events will require social distancing and safety precautions will be implemented. Delta Beer Lab will give all tip donations from September and October to the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition. Find event information here.

The Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition is comprised of leaders from groups working to promote independent redistricting and fight partisan gerrymandering. The release says gerrymandering is when a political party redraws the boundaries of voting districts to give the ruling party an advantage. Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition says it can lead to hyper-partisanship.

“There is a huge groundswell of support for banning gerrymandering in Wisconsin ,” says Carlene Bechen, the Fair Maps Organizer for Wisconsin Voices and the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition. “Activists in every corner of the state and of all different political affiliations have been working hard to get this issue on the ballot. They just want a level playing field, and they’re sick and tired of having their voting districts chopped up to favor one party or another.”