Wisconsin basketball player joins lawsuit against NCAA

Report: Nigel Hayes named as plaintiff
Wisconsin basketball player joins lawsuit against NCAA
Nigel Hayes (Photo courtesy: UWBadgers.com)

A Wisconsin basketball player has reportedly joined a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

CBS Sports reports sophomore Nigel Hayes is named a plaintiff in a lawsuit that seeks a free market to pay college athletes.

Three plaintiffs left the lawsuit. Those were athletes whose eligibility had ended recently.

Hayes joins Anfornee Stewart, a Middle Tennessee football player, and Martin Jenkins, a Clemson football player. Jenkins’ name is on the lawsuit.

CBS Sports says the Jenkins plaintiffs are suing the NCAA and five major conferences to allow a free market. The plaintiffs want to end NCAA rules that stop athletes from getting benefits in those leagues.

The suit also wants to stop the NCAA and the conferences from creating rules that prevent schools from negotiating remuneration with athletes.

The Jenkins plaintiffs are scheduled to file their first motion for class certification next week.