Wisconsin Attorney General announces campaign addressing elder abuse

Wisconsin Attorney General announces campaign addressing elder abuse

Attorney General Brad Schimel announced today a public awareness campaign around elder abuse. The campaign will provide a way of reporting abuse against seniors at senior care and Medicaid-funded facilities.

Schimel announced this campaign at the second meeting of the Attorney General’s Task Force on Elder Abuse. It will be run by the Department of Justice.

The campaign will try to give people an avenue for reporting elder abuse by creating a hotline. It will also try to inform people about what elder abuse is through a series of public service announcements running on the radio and broadcast stations.

The Attorney General’s Task Force also discussed dementia as it relates to the criminal justice system, AARP fraud prevention and financial exploitation at the meeting. The task force is trying to gather information and resources related to elder abuse, and decrease barriers to investigating elder abuse. Schimel said that one in nine seniors have reported elder abuse in the last year.

The Medicaid Fraud and Elder Abuse Hotline can be reached at 1-800-488-3780.