Wisconsin And Marriage Equity

Moving forward
Wisconsin And Marriage Equity


Better late than never, Wisconsin is beginning to take steps to more aggressively pursue marriage equity in the state. While 17 states have approved gay marriage in the last 10 years advocates in Wisconsin have pretty much sat on their hands since 2006 when the state adopted a constitutional amendment banning marriage equity in Wisconsin.

But last week Wisconsin became the 20th state with legal action pending challenging laws that limit marriage to one man and one woman. And this week State Senator Tim Carpenter and the entire Senate Democratic caucus introduced legislation to remove the constitutional ban. We understand the wait, but it’s about time.

Marriage equity is first and foremost a matter of fairness, understanding and human rights. Second it’s a message of inclusion and welcome for people who might want to live and work and create jobs in Wisconsin. It’s not been easy to see Wisconsin lumped in with other intolerant, uncaring, backward looking states. We welcome the flurry of activity to try to return Wisconsin to a state where everyone is welcome.