WISC-TV GM provides rescan, antenna project details for over-the-air viewers

Television remote control

On Oct. 18, WISC-TV conducted a government-mandated frequency change that required all Madison-area over-the-air television viewers to rescan their television sets to view WISC-TV and its related programming including News 3 Now, the NFL on CBS, and the CBS Television Network.

Some have been able to rescan without a problem and are able to view us as they always have. However, many viewers from all across the region are not able to receive us at this moment even after conducting several rescans and we apologize for any disruption that has caused to this point.

When the switch happened, we began transmitting from a temporary antenna while construction and installation of our new permanent, top-mount antenna is underway. It is our intention – weather permitting – that the installation of the new antenna will be complete by the end of November or sooner.

Work is continuing. When there is precipitation or wind, work slows because inclement weather creates safety issues for the crew.

When the new antenna installation is finished, we will be broadcasting at full-power again with a stronger signal than is now, alleviating most reception issues people are currently experiencing.

I want to apologize to our loyal audience whose viewing patterns have been disrupted this past week and thank you in advance for your patience as we conform to the new FCC-mandated frequency channel change.

Feel free to email us at #Engineering@wisctv.com with questions or problems with a rescan attempt. We are here to help and look forward to serving the community at-large without signal interruption in the very near future. We are working hard to expedite the process as soon as possible.

Tom Keeler | Vice President & General Manager
Morgan Murphy Media
Direct: 608.277.5113

People watching News 3 Now through cable, satellite, or Internet streaming services won’t be affected.

The steps to re-scan your TV may vary depending on your TV model, but you can start the process by pressing the “Menu” button on your remote.

From there, you should scroll down on the menu until you see a picture of an antenna (the picture may be different depending on the model of your TV), and make sure it says “Air.” From there, select the “Auto Program” or “Scan” option.

The process of scanning for channels could take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, you’ll be able to continue watching WISC-TV.

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