WISC Editorial Agenda: Support the work of citizens

WISC Editorial Agenda: Support the work of citizens

The first item on our 2017 editorial agenda is in support of the work of citizens.

In our politically diverse and divided cultures, with dysfunctional government and rapidly changing world, problems will be solved best by citizens working together.

We draw heavily from the work done by the Kettering Foundation on what it takes to make Democracy work as it should. We will support the application of Kettering’s Democratic practices by citizens, communities and institutions, including the naming and framing of issues, resourcing, organizing, deliberating and learning.

And we start with two important fundamentals: there is no such thing as an individual citizen. Citizens is plural and they exist in relation to other citizens. And by understanding this and applying Democratic practices, divides can be bridged and people can work together to solve problems and improve their lives despite differences.

Much more on that to come this year. But tomorrow we’ll describe our second issue, Intervention and Prevention.