WISC editorial agenda 2018: Building an inclusive economy

WISC editorial agenda 2018: Building an inclusive economy

This year economic growth intersects with equity. It’s the year development, innovation and vision welcome diversity of opportunity and inclusion.

Greater Madison and South Central Wisconsin must build an economy that is vigorous, sustainable and above all works for everybody, urban and rural, young and old, of all abilities, races and cultures. The WISC Editorial Agenda recommends the following strategies.

First, let’s get “Back to Big Ideas.” From Oscar Mayer to Alliant Energy to the Nolen Waterfront proposal, Madison is again poised to pursue exciting, forward-thinking, big-picture plans. An inclusive economy is to be found in all of them.

Second, “Housing and Transportation First.” These two consensus issues from the Imagine Madison campaign are inseparable. We need affordable housing where people can access work and play and that requires 21st century transit.

Third, we need a “Culture Change,” in how we define the business roles of both the private and public sectors with an emphasis on understanding shared citizen concerns and connecting with the communities we serve.

And finally we need to “Remove Barriers” to ensure growth is inclusive in every aspect.

We’re asking for your help. We want to engage with you on social media and in person. Let’s commit to building our local economy in 2018 in ways that are smart, healthy, equitable and most of all inclusive.

This coming week we will examine each of these issues in greater detail. Tomorrow, Back to Big Ideas.

WISC editorial agenda 2018: Building an inclusive economy